I like to think I have this really sweet super power, where, for a split second, I can stop time. In that instant, I can capture beauty, tell a story and most importantly, preserve a moment that can never be repeated. And that's my job: to help you remember, to feel and to relive.

I graduated from SUNY Oswego with a degree in Graphic Design and Sociology. There, I heightened my digital artistic skills and discovered a new appreciation for all walks of life. As a dancer, I learned the value in discipline, focus and the art of posing. Fueled by family and inspired by life, creativity has always been my way to tell a story and to understand why.

Professionally, I began photographing with two established photographers. With their guidance, I learned to thrive under pressure, excitement and uncertainty. After absorbing every bit that I could, I was ready to thrive independently; so I set off on my own to create Studio Hound.

Dogs, chocolate and a windy day.

Passionately capturing moments in life, allowing you to cherish them forever.